Weimob’s Wei Mall
Omni-Channel All-Scenario Private Domain E-
commerce Solution
Powerful Mini Program Mall
Set Up on Multiple
Support one-click
generation of mini
programs on WeChat,
Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou,
Alipay, QQ and other
Multiple Marketing
Multiple marketing
methods such as group
buying, price bargaining,
price-break discounts,
and advertising posts to
quickly increase sales
Precise Operation of
Domain Members
Managing members
across all domains in
multiple channels in a
unified manner, labeling
customers for
classification and
stratification and
accumulating member
Rapid Fission
Fission distribution
rapidly expands sales
channels, promoting
business performance
Empower Private
by Wecom
Strengthen WeCom
capability and provide
comprehensive O&M
services for private
domain users
Data Enabling
Multi-angle and all-round
store operation analysis
data drives smart
decision-making and
promotes performance
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Omni-Channel Mini-Program Solution
Multi-channel store opening to effectively attract more visitors
Enable one-click store opening on multiple platforms including WeChat, Channels, Baidu, Alipay, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, QQ, Store Establishment on Apps, Tencent Huiju, Meituan Shangou with unified management and multi-channel driving traffic
Multi-service form to meet the diversified needs of different merchants
Support various commodity types such as physical goods, overseas shopping and virtual goods, and provide different application capabilities for merchants in different industries and business scenarios
Complete store opening system for easy building of online mall
Dozens of designing components and hundreds of sets of industry templates to meet the building needs of different industries and help merchants quickly build their own individual stores
Acquire customers in the whole domain and build a brand private domain user pool
Divert public domain traffic from WeChat, Tencent and other ecosystems to Wei Mall, and build brand-owned private domain traffic pool
Over 100 marketing methods to attract visitors, cause fission, and promote conversion
Various marketing activities, such as prize wheel, group buying and advertising notes, stimulate customer purchase, drive business performance growth, and improve efficiency
Interactive marketing and fun games achieve acquisition and referral, increasing active users and retention rate
Promotion tool to stimulate customer purchase enthusiasm and improve ATV and conversion rate
Content marketing, stimulating transactions through text, video, livestream interaction and other forms
Distribution fission increases sales, making everyone a merchant distributor
Establish a complete distribution system, with commission rewards, hierarchical stimulus and flexible functions, to fully meet the full-scenario marketing needs of merchants
Accumulate member assets of the whole domain, and promote ATV through hierarchical operation
Conduct unified management of full-domain members from multiple channels, implement precise operation throughout the life cycle, and use smart marketing to enhance customer viscosity and bring high repurchase rate
Unified management of members from multiple organizations, businesses and channels
Managing members through labels, and conduct smart marketing through operation in classes, layers, and groups
Marketing runs through the whole life cycle of membership to explore ATV
Comprehensive upgrading of WeCom capability drives long-term growth of private domain of merchants
WeCom capability is constantly upgraded, integrating store management, community management, user management, customer service, etc., to help merchants directly connect consumers and finely operate private domain traffic
Full-link data analysis, support intelligent business decision-making with data
Multi-angle and all-round store operation analyses, as well as data-driven marketing decision-making, promote performance growth. Consult now Start free trial
Data bulletin provides full-link smart operation decision-making
Multi-dimensional analysis provides customized perspective data analysis
Self-service tabulation provides independent analysis visualization
All-round operation services helps long-term brand growth
Basic Operation
New store service,Store decoration,
Special Operation
Content operation,WeCom operation,
Live streaming operation,Terminal
Training And Teaching
Courseware development,Training
service,Teaching support
Advertising Operation
Strategy and innovation,Advertising
optimization,Data replay
Live & Short Video
Selection service,Script ideas,Live
streaming and shooting
A nationwide distribution network provides localized services
Enjoy Weimob's localized service experience wherever you are
Service providers
Branch offices
Provincial administration
Strong R&D strength, safe, stable and reliable system support
Professional Internet R&D team to create a safe, stable and usable system
System usable
Orders processed per second
Average service response
They all choose Wei Mall
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